Comunet has a long history of providing IT services to the Aviation industry. Over the past 11 years this has been demonstrated through Air Maestro (offered by Comunet’s affiliated business, Avinet), and Comunet's Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) services.

Air Maestro

Avinet provides an online safety and compliance web service to the industry that assists operators with CASA compliance, records management and auditing including:

  • Flight Records Management
  • Rostering
  • Incident/Accident Reporting
  • Flight, Duty and Fatigue Management
  • Audit Management
  • Recency and Check Forms

To find out more, please visit www.avinet.com.au

Electronic Flight Bags

One of Comunet’s key services to the aviation industry is assisting operators develop, implement and maintain EFB fleets. By working with VMware AirWatch, one of the world’s leading mobile device management platforms, Comunet helps operators maintain and manage a fleet of EFBs through to a single console. Some of VMware AirWatch’s features include:

Device Management

VMware AirWatch provides aviation operators with a centralised platform to manage all EFB devices. From a single online portal, all the devices in a fleet can be viewed to ensure compliance with best practices and company policies. This includes ensuring that the devices are being monitored, have the latest operating systems installed and have not been compromised. VMware AirWatch can also generate reports highlighting key information over a specified time period.

Document Management

VMware AirWatch ensures that EFBs contain the most up-to-date documentation. By utilising a central repository, Comunet can ensure that EFB devices are updated for manuals, charts and checklists including the removal of expired documentation on a prescribed date.

Apps for Pilots

VMware AirWatch integrates with Apple VPP business accounts for management of purchased programs from app stores. Comunet can help setup your VMware AirWatch portal so that the latest apps are distributed across your EFBs. 

Bring Your Own Device Capability

VMware AirWatch security and privacy capabilities ensure that your organisation’s documents are protected in a BYOD environment whilst respecting pilot’s personal data.

Comunet and Queensland Government Air Rescue

Click here to see a case study featuring the application of EFBs for Queensland Government Air Rescue:

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