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What Are the Benefits of EFBs?

Mar 07 2016

Why should an aircraft operator make the switch to electronic flight bags? In this blog post, we identify the three key reasons.

Many businesses across various industries have realised the gains that come from the introduction of an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) program. By ensuring their employees are equipped with mobile devices, teams are now more connected than ever before. EMM programs in the aviation industry are no different. These programs, usually in the form of tablet computers being used as electronic flight bags, have allowed pilots and aviation operators to experience great benefits. In this blog post, we identify three of these benefits that have been enjoyed by aviation companies that made the switch to EFBs.

Money Mayday

Managing costs is so important in aviation companies. If you are determined to run a tight ship (or aircraft for that matter), the economic benefits of EFBs are worth considering. By replacing traditional flight bags with electronic flight bags, you can reduce the overall weight that is taken on board your fleet. 15kg bags filled with paper can now be swapped for iPads weighing less than 1kg. Naturally, this decrease in weight leads to an increase in fuel savings. As an example, when Delta Airlines switched to EFBs, they were able to eliminate 38 pounds (17kg) worth of paper charts and manuals used in their old flight bags and saved themselves an estimated $US13 million in fuel costs.1 Not to mention, the reduction in these papers in the first place also delivers great cost savings. Another example of this is Queensland Government Air, who saved themselves $20,000 per annum in subscriptions to paper-based maps when they adopted electronic flight bags.

Paper Planes and Pains

Are you reading this blog post on a piece of paper? If so, then chances are you are in the minority. The ability to share information electronically over the internet is something that we almost take for granted these days. So why are pilots still given hard copies of manuals, documents and maps before take-off? Thanks to EMM platforms such as AirWatch, the idea of a paperless cockpit has become a reality. AirWatch allows aircraft operators to upload documents to their own secure portal and wirelessly distribute them to multiple EFBs. This removes the hassle of delivering physical copies of important documents to multiple pilots (sometimes across multiple bases). Additionally, this process makes the delivery of updated maps and documents far more efficient. These benefits of electronic document distribution are already enjoyed in so many other industries, so why not aviation? Hard copies are hard and EFBs are an ease.

The Cloud is a Breeze

Great technology is often measured by its user-friendliness. Thankfully, electronic flight bags excel in this category. Giving pilots the ability to access all the data they need whenever they need it is a great benefit; even more so when this data can be accessed at their fingertips! You will also find that AirWatch itself is very user-friendly, allowing you to easily share data to EFBs at the touch of a button. From the frontend to the backend, this enterprise mobility management solution for the aviation industry really is a breeze.

In summary, cost savings, the easier distribution of documentation and ease-of-use are three of the primary benefits of EFBs. If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to leave us a comment below or you can contact Comunet directly and we will be glad to talk about how electronic flight bags can help you.