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SA Power Blackout – Don’t Leave Your IT Infrastructure in the Dark Ages

Sep 29 2016


Yesterday’s state-wide blackout in South Australia left thousands of people in the dark for hours on end. Events such as these do not happen often, but that does detract from the now-proven fact that they can happen. The question is, were your IT systems prepared for yesterday’s events? More importantly, are they prepared if such events happen again?

In this context, there are several key considerations that all companies should take into account when reviewing their IT infrastructure. For example, in the event of a power failure, can your staff access company data? Can they access their emails? More importantly, what about your clients and customers? If you provide services over the internet, can they still access your company’s online resources?

These are the questions that we encourage all our clients to consider when assessing the benefits of shifting their infrastructure to the cloud. For many South Australian businesses that utilised on-premise infrastructure, dependant on South Australian electricity supply, yesterday’s events would have been extremely disruptive, both to their employees and their customers. However, for South Australian businesses that have already shifted their infrastructure to the cloud (say for example, utilising the NSW-based Australian data centre run by Amazon Web Services), their systems would have been able to endure yesterday’s unprecedented events.

Cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, can offer businesses a level of security and resilience that simply cannot be matched by on-premise equivalents. Utilising the world’s best infrastructure, these data centres are equipped to handle almost all foreseeable disasters. The cloud, in our opinion, is an essential contingency for any organisation.

In light of yesterday’s events, we felt compelled to deliver this message to businesses across South Australia. If a transition to the cloud is something your organisation has considered previously, we would be glad to help continue this conversation with your team. A few months ago, Comunet was named Amazon Web Services’ Most Innovative Partner in Australia and New Zealand for our work in helping our clients move to the cloud. This is coupled with our 24/7 Service Desk offering, designed to assist all our clients whenever they require assistance.

Now more than ever, we encourage all South Australian businesses, large and small, to consider the benefits of cloud computing. We look forward to helping you in this regard, just like we have been helping companies across Australia and the globe for the last 21 years. After all, in this modern era, no organisation deserves to have their IT systems or clients left in the Dark Ages.