Comunet Case Study - Queensland Government Air

Oct 07 2016

On Comunet's YouTube channel, we recently published a video case study focusing on a project we completed for Queensland Government (QG) Air. QG Air delivers life-saving, community safety and state support aviation services to the people Queensland. They engaged Comunet to help them launch a new electronic flight bag (EFB) program. EFBs are tablet computers that pilots use during flight. They contain electronic copies of all the maps, manuals and other documentation that they would normally have to carry in physical, paper-based flight bags.

By using AirWatch, the world's leading enterprise mobility management platform, Comunet were able to help QG Air setup and monitor an EFB program in a matter of months. By eliminating the need to use (and update) paper-based flight documentation, QG Air's pilots are now able to respond to emergency situations faster than ever before. If you would like to watch the case study video in full, please find the embedded version below:

Our thanks to the team at QG Air for allowing us to produce this video and for giving Comunet the opportunity to engage in this rewarding project.