Comunet Joins OzRunways at 2016 RAAA Convention

Oct 21 2016

This week, Comunet had the pleasure of joining OzRunways at the Regional Airline Association of Australia's (RAAA) 2016 Convention. OzRunways are the developers of the popular tablet computer app of the same name, enabling pilots to view aerial maps and other important data when flying. With Comunet's electronic flight bag (EFB) management services for the aviation industry, it made perfect sense for our company to stand alongside Australia's leading EFB software developers.

The event was a productive time for both companies, with several industry representatives visiting our joint trade show booth to enquire about how EFBs can improve their operations. Comunet were also able to showcase their new case study video with Queensland Government Air (shown above on the TV screen). Our thanks to OzRunways for giving us the opportunity to attend the RAAA Convention with them. Comunet looks forward to continue working with OzRunways to ensure that the aviation industry can enjoy the benefits of a mobile-empowered workforce.