Innovation Anyone?

Dec 07 2016

The hub of Comunet’s innovation engine is our Software Development Department. This team have excelled at producing business-critical software for our clients that change the business landscape and foster competitive advantage.

Whether its business or commercial Mobile Apps, Databases, Web Apps, Collaboration Portals or Business Intelligence

solutions the Software Development Team have the experience and expertise to help you determine the optimum solutions for your business and partner with you in implementing the solutions.

From building dynamic routing systems that night-after-night direct a thousand doctors to more than 5,000 patient homes for after-hour consultation, to software that records fruit and vegetable yield weighed on remote farms, each project is tailored to meet the challenges and industries of the clients we partner with.

Today, more than 15,000 pilots will log into Air Maestro, Avinet’s ‘Aviation Safety Management and Operations’ system to trust that they are compliant and fit to fly. This system was developed by Comunet’s Software Development team partnering with a local aviation business making operating an aviation business safer and less complicated.

"It is a privilege and great responsibility we take when we develop software. It is humbling to think how wide-spread our tools are relied on a daily basis.” (Damien Coyle, Principal Technologist, Comunet)

If anything, the world of Software Development is becoming more exciting with the advent of cloud technologies. More than ever, the options to build connected systems is available to all, not just big enterprise who can afford whole data centres for storage and compute power. Further, the platforms and frameworks now available make project costs affordable, development rapid, and bring tangible return on investment sooner. 

We are also proud to recently begin work in the new field of Internet of Things (IoT), building smart remote devices that feed valuable data into highly scalable data repositories in the cloud. While still early days, we believe this technology will provide business access to new markets and bring about new avenues to productise their primary services. Companies who embrace this technology, will be the new leaders in their respective industries for many years to come, and make their competitors with traditional business models and services appear antiquated and stale.

Companies who partner with Software Development teams can differentiate from their competitors, and access efficiencies where off-the-shelf solutions fail. More-over the capability developed leads to change in people’s work behaviour redirecting their efforts from reactive management, to becoming decision makers proactively improving their business.

Not partnered with Software Development? Maybe it’s time.