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What Are Your New Year IT Resolutions in 2017?

Dec 30 2016

It’s that time of year again when we look back on the months that have been and look forward to the New Year ahead of us. Hopefully it has been a successful year for you and your organisation, but have you considered making some new year’s resolutions for your IT systems? Today, we wanted to start what we hope will be an annual feature on the Comunet blog, focusing on some IT resolutions that your company should consider in the new year ahead. Here are our suggestions for 2017:

Consider Moving to the Cloud

We have spoken to several organisations who are fully aware of the cloud and the benefits it can deliver to their operations, but have not yet taken the first steps in making this transition. If feel like you can relate to this situation, our message is clear – please do not put it off any longer. The reason why we are so adamant about this is that 2016 was the year that saw our home state of South Australia plunged into darkness due to an unprecedented power failure. We have had several businesses approach us since this time, because their on-premise IT systems were significantly affected by this event. However, our clients who had already moved to the cloud, had the necessary systems in place to withstand this outage.

Clearly, such a power outage is a rare occurrence, but the last year proved that such an event is possible. If it does happen again, we would hope that your organisation does not suffer the consequences that other businesses had to face when the event occurred. That is why we would encourage all organisations to consider moving to the cloud. Regardless of your company’s size, taking advantage of the opportunities that cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure present, can deliver significant benefits. You may also be surprised at how little the transition will cost, compared to maintaining your on-premise infrastructure as is. If you have not already taken the first steps on your cloud journey, please consider this New Year as a great time to begin.

Review Your Threat Protection

One thing that has been consistent across the last year (and in previous years) is the fact that cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Indeed, the BDO South Australian State Business Survey released this year, revealed that 1 in 6 businesses reported a cyber-attack over the past 12 months. In our opinion, this number is too high. Particularly in the wake of more high-profile attacks in 2016, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Census website being a case in point, we would encourage all organisations to review the threat protection measures in place. Comunet will be glad to assist you in conducting this review; the importance of these cybersecurity measures cannot be overstated.

Enable More Collaboration

Our final suggestion for 2017 is for organisations to utilise available tools to foster collaboration within and across their teams. If there is one trend that stands out for us in the last year, it is the growing popularity among our clients for Microsoft’s Office 365 platform. We have noted many benefits that this online software suite has delivered across various industries. Even something simple as team members being able to edit Word documents online has made business processes smoother and more efficient. Comunet can also help you establish an online SharePoint portal for your business, allowing your team to share files and communicate more easily. If you have not already explored the possibilities of these new platforms, we would encourage you to make 2017 your year of collaboration.

We hope that the above resolution suggestions have given you some ideas about how you can shape up your IT systems to deliver great results in the New Year. If you feel like 2017 is the time for you to make some necessary changes, we look forward to talking to you. From everyone here at Comunet, we wish you every success for the New Year ahead.