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Looking Ahead – Comunet’s Vision

Jan 06 2017

As we enter the New Year, we thought it would be good to take the opportunity to talk about Comunet’s Vision. The updated Vision statement was finalised in late-2016 by our company’s Leadership Team, after they received contributions and suggestions from across the entire Comunet team. The Vision statement was formalised to serve as a reminder to all team members about the company we aspire to be. Because our Vision will underpin all the work we perform in 2017 (as has been the case every year since our founding in 1995), we thought it was timely for us to share why we believe in this statement so strongly. In case you have not seen it already, Our Vision is specified below:

We resolve to be an innovative, technology-led organization that inspires our people to be the best they can be, to deliver first class engagement that generates enduring value to our clients.

While it is only a single sentence, Our Vision encapsulates great detail about the organisation we strive to be. It is worth exploring it more closely. Firstly, we resolve to be an innovative, technology-led organisation. This is Comunet at its core. We are company that is driven by technology and innovation, and we believe these two work hand-in-hand. We have often noted how lucky we are to work in our industry. It is an industry that is changing rapidly, but our focus has always been on helping our clients use technology to drive innovation within their organisations. You can only imagine how this has evolved since Comunet started in 1995. Needless to say, the best practices we delivered back then are quite different from the work we do today. That is why we wanted to include these words in Our Vision – they emphasise the key point that our practices may changes, but our principles remain steadfast. The principle is using the latest and most relevant technologies to deliver innovative solutions for our clients.

Secondly, we want to inspire our people to be the best they can be. This is a very important component of Our Vision. We can only deliver the best outcomes for our clients if our own team members work in an environment that allows them to reach their full potential. There are several facets to this, including ongoing personal and professional development, a supportive workplace and providing opportunities for team members to perform work that is fulfilling. Combined, our aspiration is that these components of our organisation allow our people to be the best, so they can do the best work for our clients.

Finally, Comunet aspire to deliver first class engagement that generates enduring value to our clients. We view this as the apex of our Vision Statement. Being an innovative, technology-led organisation and inspiring our people to be the best they can be, should lead us to deliver first class engagement and enduring value. This is ultimate aim for our organisation. If we can effectively deliver solutions that provide long-term value, we have fulfilled Our Vision. This means that our focus is always on delivering the right solution for our clients. More often than not, the right solution is not a short-term fix. Rather, it is about guiding our clients through the necessary changes required to set them up for the long-run. Making such changes in our clients’ organisations is the work that we believe in performing, and the work we find most rewarding.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about Our Vision at Comunet. We look forward to following-up this blog post with a closer look at Our Core Values, the second statement that defines who we are as an organisation. We certainly look forward to fulfilling this Vision in 2017 and we wish all of you a very Happy New Year.