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For over 20 years we have been helping our clients define, design and implement IT strategies that suit their business needs - from small through to enterprise-sized organisations.  With expertise across all areas of IT including strategic consulting, cloud technology, software and application development as well as infrastructure  and managed services - we aim to help clients on a digital transformation journey that aligns to their strategic needs

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Values That Deliver Value

Jan 13 2017

Last week, we published a blog post on Comunet’s Vision. The post detailed the key elements that underpin our company’s vision and the reasons why it resonates with us. We wanted to follow-up this previous article with a closer look at Comunet’s Core Values, which are our key operating philosophies that help us deliver on Our Vision. Again, these Values were finalised by our Leadership Team after receiving input from across the entire organisation. Let’s look at each value in turn.

Commitment to Excellence

All our team members strive to deliver the best outcomes for our clients. This is our core focus. Our belief is that if we can deliver the right solutions to the companies we work with, we will deliver long-term value. As mentioned on our Core Values webpage, this commitment to excellence is also underpinned by a focus on providing value through learning. This is a key component. We can only deliver excellence if we take the time to keep abreast of changes within our industry and learn about new technologies and solutions that may be of benefit to our customers. This commitment to excellence is crucial in helping us to remain a technology-led organisation and deliver first class engagement, as outlined in Our Vision.

Clients Our First Thought

At Comunet, we always put our clients first. We believe this is the reason why some of our clients have been working with us for over 10 years. By having our clients as our first thought, we can channel our efforts into finding solutions that deliver enduring value. This is the level of value that we aspire to in Our Vision, and it is made possible by focusing first and foremost on the organisations we are working with.

One Team

A key component of the Comunet culture is the value we place on our one team philosophy. Internally, we are a diverse group of people, with specialisations that span various sectors of the technology industry. At our core, however, we are one team. We realise that the greatest value can be delivered to our clients if we work across departments to reach our goals. This cross-collaboration helps us to find solutions that meet our customers’ requirements and helps us become the innovative organisation we aspire to be.

Trust and Humility

We approach all relationships with humility and trust. There is much entailed in this philosophy. It means that we must always be open to learning. We need to be humble enough to acknowledge the skills and practices need to improve in order to better serve our customers. It also means acting with absolute integrity, being able to build a level of trust with our clients so they can count on us to deliver. As mentioned in Our Vision, we are a company that inspires our people to be the best they can be. If we as individuals can approach all relationships with humility and trust, then we are well on our way to achieving this goal.

An Adventurous Spirit

Again, this Core Value forms an important part of the Comunet culture. We do embrace fun and adventure in what we do. We are fortunate to work in an industry that is exciting and ever-changing. We enjoy the challenge of solving problems together and helping our clients perform better because of the solutions we identify and implement. We believe that our work should be fun and adventurous, because this spirit inspires us to be the very best we can be.

We hope this blog post provides you with further insight into Comunet’s Core Values. These Values really do provide an idea of the culture that we have in our organisation and the reasons why we have been able to serve our clients for so long. We look forward to continuing this adventure in 2017!