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Collaborating with Creators – Comunet’s Work in the Resources and Industrial Sectors

Jan 27 2017

Working with an organisation in the manufacturing or horticulture industry is always a fresh experience for our team, because we have the opportunity to ask the question “what can be done differently?” As is often the case with many organisations in these industries, processes and practices are underpinned by years of experience. For a technology company such as Comunet, our role is to view operations from a new perspective. This allows us to have a conversation with Engineers, Operations Managers and CEOs about how technology can work with their current processes to elevate outcomes for their customers. In this blog post, we want to share some examples of where these conversations have lead.

An excellent starting point is cloud computing. Platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure have made a significant impact on how our clients have been able to transform their operations. The cloud has enabled greater cost flexibility than what they would have achieved with their traditional on premise technology. Because you only pay for what you use, the cloud allows businesses in the resources and industrial sectors to increase or decrease their usage based on changes in demand. This is a fantastic advantage for manufacturers who want to adapt to seasonal changes. Additionally, the cloud also provides a secure platform for backups and disaster recovery programs.

Case Study: Gliderol has been building garage doors for over 40 years and distributing to retail outlets across Australia. In the below video, you will see how we were able to assist Gliderol in their transition to the cloud, after the company underwent a change in ownership:

A second area of technology we wanted to have a conversation about is custom software development. This is a very exciting field for Comunet to work in, as it reminds us how technology can genuinely transform an organisation. Among the projects we have worked on, our team has been able to create new software systems that generate greater efficiencies for horticulture companies. We have also gained experience in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) field; creating connected devices for home and commercial use. Software development really is the art of possibility and it something we are proud to offer.

A final example we wanted to share is enterprise mobility management. We have worked with several clients who had employees using smartphones and/or tablet computers in their day-to-day operations, but what they lacked was an underpinning platform to manage all of these devices. By partnering with VMware AirWatch, Comunet can help organisations realise the benefits of a mobile workforce, but also ensure that parameters are in place to maintain security.

As we mentioned earlier, the key question we ask in the resources and industrial sector is “what can be done differently?” If you are keen to find out the answer in your organisation, be sure to contact us today.