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Healthy Outlook – Comunet’s Work in Medical Industry

Feb 03 2017


In the last few weeks, we have been blogging about the various industries that Comunet has been working in. So far, we have covered aviation and manufacturing; both of which provide exciting opportunities for our teams to find innovative solutions. One industry we are very proud to be a part of is healthcare. Of course, we cannot claim to be on the frontline of this industry like all the hard working doctors and nurses who help patients day-to-day! However, we do consider ourselves fortunate to be a technology company that can help these medical professionals perform their work to the very best of their ability. Here are some examples of our contributions.

When The Doctor Calls

Comunet’s Software Development team have built a very strong relationship with the National Home Doctor Service (NHDS). NHDS is one of Australia’s leading providers of home medical visits, with a team of over 800 doctors caring for patients seven days a week. Our team were engaged by NHDS to provide their doctors with an app that allows them to find the most efficient driving route when visiting multiple patients’ homes. The app is now being rolled-out across the NHDS network and the feedback we have received from the medical team has been very positive.

Anthony Buhler, who serves as the Chief Information Office at the National Home Doctor Service, was kind enough to provide the below testimonial which features on the homepage of Comunet’s website:

Comunet are a key enabler in the success of the National Home Doctor Service. They have helped us deliver over one million home doctor visits and supported year-on-year growth of over 20%.”

Needless to say, our work with NHDS has been most rewarding and we feel privileged that we have been part of enabling outstanding care to patients.

Medicine and Aviation Combine

We previously mentioned our work in the aviation industry, so it is interesting to note the intersection of aviation and medicine in our work with Queensland Government Air Rescue. In addition to their search and rescue operations, Queensland Government Air Rescue also play a key role in emergency medical response across the state. By equipping the Queensland Government’s fleet of helicopters with electronic flight bags (EFBs), Comunet were able to help their rescue teams respond faster to emergency call-outs and ensure they conduct their flights with greater efficiency and safety.

We were very pleased to provide the following quote in our online case study for this project from Queensland Government Air Rescue’s Pilot and EFB Administrator, Colin Seyner:

“Comunet were a perfect technology partner that took the time to understand our unique requirements and then deliver on time and to budget.”

In summary, our team are very pleased with the track record we have established in this important industry. If you are operating in the medical field and are interested in discussing how technology can improve the way you deliver care to your patients, get in contact with us today. Together, we look forward to helping you help others.