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Cybersecurity – How Comunet Can Help You

Feb 10 2017


Today we wanted to start what we hope will be a series of blog posts on a very important topic in the technology industry – cybersecurity. The importance of cybersecurity has only increased in recent years, as cyber criminals become more sophisticated in their approach and the ramifications of such attacks become more significant for organisations that fall victim to such crimes. This is an unfortunate reality, but with the correct approach in place, businesses can ensure they have the necessary strongholds to withstand such attacks. In this post, we wanted to talk about some of the services we offer to our clients to ensure that they have these defences in place.

Risk Assessment and Identification
One of the preliminary steps we take with our clients is to perform a risk assessment of their business. This allows us to identify potential threats that could have an impact on operations. The assessment takes into account the industry that our client works in, in addition to our team’s knowledge of existing and emerging cyber threats. Our team’s knowledge base is also supported by Comunet’s partnerships with world leading cybersecurity companies, such as Trend Micro, Fortinet and Webroot.

During this threat identification stage, Comunet can also discuss with a client’s senior team about establishing a policy framework for IT governance. This reflects our belief that cybersecurity is not just the responsibility of an organisation’s IT department. Having a solid governance framework established allows our clients to effectively manage technology risk across all levels of the organisation. This is the unified approach that is required to make an organisation’s threat response effective.

Establishing Defences

Once a threat assessment has been compiled and a governance framework created, Comunet then assists organisations to mitigate cyber risk. Our team has extensive experience in technologies relating to access control, data security and information protection. Some of the work we can do includes:

  • Ensuring access to company assets and facilities is limited to authorised users
  • Providing cybersecurity training to team members
  • Maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of company data
  • Improve the resilience of your company’s systems

Response Planning and Implementation

As part of our cybersecurity approach, Comunet can work with your organisation to develop an incident response plan. This plan details the steps that will be taken if a security situation arises. Should such a situation occur, our team have been trained to take immediate action, including communicating with the client, analysing the extent of the situation and launching mitigation programs to stop the threat from spreading.

Recovery and Restoration

Once a threat has been contained, Comunet can work with your organisation to implement disaster recovery and backup procedures. Our focus here is to restore your systems to their previous state and ensure your operations are running again. During this time, Comunet’s team also conducts a fault and root cause analysis to identify potential gaps in a company’s cyber defences and implement the necessary changes to ensure that incidents are not repeated.

As mentioned, cybercrime is an unfortunate reality. Threats have also grown in recent years to the extent that response provisions can no longer be the sole domain of an IT department. However, with the right level of defences in place, and ongoing monitoring, businesses can continue forward with greater confidence. It is our objective at Comunet to ensure all our clients reach this level of preparedness. If you would also like to discuss your company’s cybersecurity preparations, we encourage you to contact us today.