Delving into Microsoft Delve

Jun 09 2017

Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at some of the innovative programs that are included in the Microsoft Office 365 suite. This week, we are looking at Office Delve. Delve is program that was created with quite an ambitious goal – to provide users with all the information and files that they need to see at any point in time. Needless to say, Microsoft have invested many years into the development of Delve, but from our experience, it is delivering on its promise. Let’s have a closer look at how this is possible.

Complexity Delivering Simplicity

In order to understand Delve, it is best to understand (in-principle) how it actually works. The key to this product is Microsoft’s search engine technology called Office Graph. Unlike online search engines, however, Office Graph searches through all the documents, emails and other files that you have. The technology then uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to show you the key information that it believes would be of interest to you, given what you (and your team members) are currently working on. This information is presented to you in a tile-like fashion, showing you each document, email and/or file that Microsoft believes you require at that moment. As mentioned, Delve really is complex technology designed to make you working life more simple.

Finding What You Need

As you could understand, Delve presents quite an alternative to traditional methods of searching inboxes, folders and drives for a particular file that you require. Every user’s Delve page is essentially personalised. It shows the documents that you have recently accessed or have recently been shared with you. Because Delve is integrated with a company-wide Office 365 suite, the program can even show you the files that multiple people are working on at a point in time; the files that are “trending” within your company.

Connecting with Your Team

One of the other interesting features about Delve is that not only can you see the files that are relevant to you, but you can also see the files that your colleagues are working on. Obviously such results are dependent on the inherent sharing rights within particular files, but the idea is that a group of employees can show each other what they have been working on. This is a great way to break down silos within an organisation and provide team members with an insight into the work that is being completed across the organisation.

Delving into the Future

Beyond the product itself, what is really fascinating about Microsoft Delve is the question of where it could lead. Delve is the first tool to utilise Microsoft’s Office Graph, and the company says that this artificial intelligence will steadily be introduced into more Office products in the years ahead. In truth, we can only imagine how this machine learning technology could make our workflow more targeted and relevant to our day-to-day needs.

If you are already an Office 365 subscriber, we would encourage you to check out Delve for yourself. Alternatively, we hope that products like Delve provide your organisation with a reason to explore the benefits of Office 365 as a whole. We believe that Delve provides a glimpse into the kind of workplace Microsoft hopes more employees will be able to enjoy.