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It’s Showtime! How Amazon’s Echo Show Can Improve Workflow

Jul 21 2017

Back in March, we wrote a blog post about how AI Assistants are fast becoming the new productivity tool in workplaces. In this post, we mentioned how Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot devices are key examples of voice-enabled devices that are leading this charge. Little did we know at the time that Amazon were preparing for the release of a new addition to the Echo range – the Echo Show. The Show was launched in May and has already received favourable reviews from the likes of Wired and Endgadget. Essentially, the Show is an Echo device which comes with a 7in touchscreen (slightly smaller than the screen size of an iPad Mini). This opens up a range of possibilities for Echo’s underlying Alexa technology to be used for both home and workplace use. Indeed, being the early-adopters that we are, Comunet recently received an Echo Show device to use in our own office! In this blog post, we want to discuss the business applications of the Echo Show and how it can improve your organisation’s productivity.

Now We Have a Visual

As many employees would attest, having more than one screen on your desk certainly has its benefits. Unlike a standard computer monitor, though, the Echo Show’s voice-control functionality presents a more seamless end user experience. Picture a team member with an Echo Show device on their desk. That person could be using their primary computer to complete a series of tasks and may want to find out what their next priority is. Rather than opening up a new window in Microsoft Outlook or similar program, the team member could say “Alexa, show me my to do list.” The Echo Show device would not only read you the to do list out loud, but also show you the list on its screen. Similarly, the same employee could ask “Alexa, show me my calendar” and see the calendar appear on the Show’s screen. The Echo Show can thus serve as a complementary computer on a team member’s desk. Its voice-recognition technology, however, allows the Echo Show to be operated without the need for a keyboard or mouse.

Easier Video Calling

In addition to its 7in screen, the Echo Show comes with a built-in camera that allow it to act as a video phone. This enables team members to video call their colleagues who also have a Show device, or have the Alexa app installed on their smartphone. Similar to viewing their to do list or calendar, the Echo Show allows employees to free-up their primary computers from running Skype or a similar service. All they need to do is say “Alexa call (contact’s name).” Furthermore, the Echo Show allows for voice calls to be made to anyone who has an Echo or Echo Dot device on their desk. Overall, the Echo Show takes hands-free communication to a new level.

An Evolving Platform

Similar to the other Echo devices, the Echo Show benefits from the ever-growing platform that is the Alexa Skills marketplace. This online resource provides Echo owners with a range of features and functionalities that can be added to a device (similar to how apps can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet computer). As Amazon continues to open the Alexa platform to developers, it is safe to predict that more skills will become available for the business consumer (the rapid growth of available Alexa skills has already been documented). Herein lies one of the more interesting features of the Echo Show; the likelihood that this voice-activated device will offer more services and benefits in the months ahead. As businesses steadily adopt this technology in their offices, we are confident that more skills will become available that help employees achieve more and make their workflow smoother than ever. This is the reason why we look forward to achieving great results with Echo Show devices in our office. If you are also interested in achieving similar results, please contact Comunet today.