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One Team Challenge: Solutions to a problem worth solving

Jul 09 2019

One Team Challenge 2019 Teams - Frogger, Tetris, Donkey Kong, Super Metroid, Space Invaders and Zelda

One Team Challenge (OTC), Comunet’s yearly all-staff hackathon is set to begin in just two days' time! To add a spin to this year’s event we have gone with Retro Gaming with teams named after some gaming classics; Frogger, Tetris, Donkey Kong, Super Metroid, Space Invaders and Zelda.

Each group has already settled upon a business problem they have found from within the wide range of industries we work with - the goal to design unique commercial solutions.

This Thursday teams will bring together their solution in formal business case and presentation which they will pitch on Friday back to the business and our guest judges for some cool prizes!

This is Comunet’s second OTC and it has quickly become a highlight event in our calendar.

We first ran One Team Challenge in November 2017 as an opportunity to broaden our sights from day-to-day problem solving, to tackling ‘bigger’ and ‘bolder’ initiatives.

With such talented and skilled workforce, we really wanted to provide our people with the time, frameworks and support to allow big ideas to be voiced, and exceptional solutions to be backed.

While designing great solutions is a key outcome of OTC, it is the spin offs of running an Innovation event like OTC that has already made a huge impact on our company culture and ability to execute leading technology in our day-to-day work with clients.

The event encourages the research and application of leading-edge technology (Cloud, IoT, AI, etc), which has inevitably found application in other client projects throughout this last year.

With teams made up of members from all areas of our business (Software, Infrastructure, Corporate, Procurement and Consulting) the event has also helped develop our approach to DevOps and broken-down traditional department silos, building stronger interdepartmental communication.

Through this event people have also expanded their business acumen through mentorship and collaboration with their peers and provided avenues to share their talents beyond their normal roles.

Best of luck to this year’s teams in bringing great ideas to life!

One Team Challenge 2017 Winning Team: Team Stark