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Passwords are not enough - why you need to enable Multi Factor Authentication across your business

Oct 01 2019

I recently bought our CEO Alexei a funny stubby holder that read "I drink because your password is "password". He laughed, we all had a good time. Thing is, this is the reality. This is what keeps him awake at night. Businesses not taking security seriously.   

We could write an essay on the multitude of security measures your business should put in place but today we are going to focus on a simple measure that won't cost a bomb. The one thing all of our engineers want you to implement now, Multi Factor Authentication.  

These days, passwords are not enough. Your business really needs to be implementing 2 Factor or Multi Factor Authentication to keep your assets protected.  

Just to clarify 2FA or MFA provides a way of 'double-checking' that you’re really the person you’re claiming to be when you log into your online accounts, such as banking, email or social media.  

Here at Comunet we trust & recommend a product called DUO. It ticks most the boxes offering modern enterprise security solutions, a good end user experience, is scaleable, and won’t break the bank. If you have Microsoft 365 licensing, you may already have MFA ready to go. Don't worry we also have you covered. Our team are skilled at deploying Azure MFA across SMB to enterprise.

Time to up your security game? – have a chat to your client manager or get in contact with our consulting team to discuss some options.  

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