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Healthy Outlook – Comunet’s Work in Medical Industry

Feb 03 2017
In the last few weeks, we have been blogging about the various industries that Comunet has been working in. So far, we have covered aviation and manufacturing; both of which provide exciting opportunities for our teams to find innovative solutions. One industry we are very proud to be a part of is healthcare. Of course, we cannot claim to be on the frontline of this industry like all the hard working doctors and nurses who help patients day-to-day! However, we do consider ourselves fortunate to be a technology company that can help these medical professionals perform their work to the very best of their ability. Here are some examples of our contributions.

Taking Off – Comunet’s Work in the Aviation Industry

Jan 20 2017

Today we wanted to talk about some of the exciting work Comunet have been able to do in the aviation industry, in what we hope will be a series of blog posts focusing on the various industry sectors that we are engaged in. It is interesting to note that Comunet actually has quite a history in the aviation sector, beginning with our affiliated company, Avinet.

Comunet Joins OzRunways at 2016 RAAA Convention

Oct 21 2016
This week, Comunet had the pleasure of joining OzRunways at the Regional Airline Association of Australia's (RAAA) 2016 Convention. OzRunways are the developers of the popular tablet computer app of the same name, enabling pilots to view aerial maps and other important data when flying. With Comunet's electronic flight bag (EFB) management services for the aviation industry, it made perfect sense for our company to stand alongside Australia's leading EFB software developers.

Comunet Case Study - Queensland Government Air

Oct 07 2016
On Comunet's YouTube channel, we recently published a video case study focusing on a project we completed for Queensland Government (QG) Air. QG Air delivers life-saving, community safety and state support aviation services to the people Queensland. They engaged Comunet to help them launch a new electronic flight bag (EFB) program. EFBs are tablet computers that pilots use during flight. They contain electronic copies of all the maps, manuals and other documentation that they would normally have to carry in physical, paper-based flight bags.

What Are the Benefits of EFBs?

Mar 07 2016
Many businesses across various industries have realised the gains that come from the introduction of an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) program. By ensuring their employees are equipped with mobile devices, teams are now more connected than ever before. EMM programs in the aviation industry are no different.

EFB vs the “True EFB”

Mar 07 2016
There is an important reason why we decided to write this article. In our discussions with various aircraft operators both large and small, we have found that several people we have spoken to believe that all you need for a successful EFB program are some tablet computers with key apps installed for the pilots. However, there is more involved. This is not being said to discredit the role of tablet computers and aviation apps, which are obviously key to a successful end-user experience. Admittedly cliché, it is important to emphasise that tablets and apps really are the tip of the EFB iceberg.