Looking Ahead – Comunet’s Vision

Jan 06 2017
As we enter the New Year, we thought it would be good to take the opportunity to talk about Comunet’s Vision. The updated Vision statement was finalised in late-2016 by our company’s Leadership Team, after they received contributions and suggestions from across the entire Comunet team. The Vision statement was formalised to serve as a reminder to all team members about the company we aspire to be. Because our Vision will underpin all the work we perform in 2017 (as has been the case every year since our founding in 1995), we thought it was timely for us to share why we believe in this statement so strongly. In case you have not seen it already, Our Vision is specified below:

What Are Your New Year IT Resolutions in 2017?

Dec 30 2016
It’s that time of year again when we look back on the months that have been and look forward to the New Year ahead of us. Hopefully it has been a successful year for you and your organisation, but have you considered making some new year’s resolutions for your IT systems? Today, we wanted to start what we hope will be an annual feature on the Comunet blog, focusing on some IT resolutions that your company should consider in the new year ahead. Here are our suggestions for 2017:

Comunet’s Top Tech Trends for 2016

Dec 23 2016
The last year has been disruptive on many fronts, but even more so in the world of technology. In this post, we wanted to look back over the last 12 months and pick our top industry trends that look set to shape the years ahead of us.

AWS re:Invent 2016 – Key Announcements

Dec 16 2016

Comunet were fortunate enough to attend Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) global annual conference, re:Invent 2016 a few weeks ago. Over the course of several days in Las Vegas, AWS announced several major releases and updates to their cloud platform and we wanted to highlight some of the exciting news that emerged from this event. Read on to find out more.

Innovation Anyone?

Dec 07 2016


The hub of Comunet’s innovation engine is our Software Development Department. This team have excelled at producing business-critical software for our clients that change the business landscape and foster competitive advantage.

Comunet Joins OzRunways at 2016 RAAA Convention

Oct 21 2016
This week, Comunet had the pleasure of joining OzRunways at the Regional Airline Association of Australia's (RAAA) 2016 Convention. OzRunways are the developers of the popular tablet computer app of the same name, enabling pilots to view aerial maps and other important data when flying. With Comunet's electronic flight bag (EFB) management services for the aviation industry, it made perfect sense for our company to stand alongside Australia's leading EFB software developers.

Comunet Case Study - Queensland Government Air

Oct 07 2016
On Comunet's YouTube channel, we recently published a video case study focusing on a project we completed for Queensland Government (QG) Air. QG Air delivers life-saving, community safety and state support aviation services to the people Queensland. They engaged Comunet to help them launch a new electronic flight bag (EFB) program. EFBs are tablet computers that pilots use during flight. They contain electronic copies of all the maps, manuals and other documentation that they would normally have to carry in physical, paper-based flight bags.

SA Power Blackout – Don’t Leave Your IT Infrastructure in the Dark Ages

Sep 29 2016
Yesterday’s state-wide blackout in South Australia left thousands of people in the dark for hours on end. Events such as these do not happen often, but that does detract from the now-proven fact that they can happen. The question is, were your IT systems prepared for yesterday’s events? More importantly, are they prepared if such events happen again?

The Cloud - A Lego Analogy Part 2

Aug 18 2016

Back in May 2016, Mark Ogden (Comunet's CEO) published a blog post describing how Lego bricks are a good analogy for the powers of cloud computing. In a recent cloud case study for our client, Gliderol, Mark provided further insight into this useful analogy. We have included below an extract from this case study video, which we hope provides further clarity about how cloud platforms can be used to transform businesses, just like Gliderol.

Comunet Cloud Case Study - Gliderol

Aug 18 2016

On Comunet's YouTube channel, we recently published a video case study outlining the work that we performed for Gliderol, Australia's leading manufacturer of residential garage doors. Gliderol wanted to make the transition to the cloud and they had a very short time frame to do so. In partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), we were able to help Gliderol make this transition successfully and on time. To find out more, check out our video case study below: