Underpinning our consulting services are three key principles that not only define this division of our business, but our business as a whole.
  • Delivering The Right Technology
    Our solutions must be the best fit for our client in light of their needs and environment.
  • Teamwork
    Through collaboration, we can achieve more.
  • Commitment to Success
    Our expectation is to exceed our clients’ expectations.


Comunet Consulting is currently engaged in a senior IT management role managing the ICT environment, assets and personnel for an international organisation’s Australian operations. This engagement is on behalf of an international company based in the UK where representation was required during an important transition period and the flexibility to outsource this requirement was needed. Liaison and management is directed from the UK and in conjunction with the local management teams Comunet consulting assists to align ICT requirements providing the organisation with additional flexibility additional capabilities and resources.

Comunet Consulting was recently engaged to perform an IT review of a prominent South Australian private school reviewing its IT management team and ICT technology. The schools management and governing board required that the review to identify current risks, ensure the schools was optimally using resources both internal and external, assessed current and future system capacity and reviewed the roles and responsibilities and alignment of the IT team. During the engagement Comunet Consulting also reviewed current and planned projects to ensure they aligned the schools technology to deliver improved outcomes for students and staff.

Comunet Consulting was engaged to perform an IT review for a large South Australian not for profit organisation. Following on from the review Comunet Consulting was engaged to assist the organisation to outsource the management of its ICT environment and technical personnel to deliver on a large number of strategic projects for the organisation. Comunet consulting is currently engaged in an advisory and outsourcing capacity reporting to senior management within the organisation.