Cybercrime is a constant threat that can impact any businesses. According to security firm, Fortinet, there are greater than five hundred thousand cyber-attacks over the internet ever minute, and Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report showed that in 93% of cases, hackers took only a few minutes to breach an organisation’s defences.

As cyber criminals become more sophisticated in their approach, it is vital for companies to ensure that their defence mechanisms are as robust as possible. To ensure the safety of your information, Comunet provides an end-to-end security service that is designed to protect against internal and external threats, and in the event that a breach arises, we have the expertise to provide a swift response and recovery process. The key components of Comunet’s security are outlined below. If you would like to discuss any of these cybersecurity services further, please contact us today.

The Steps We Take

Comunet’s consulting team work with organisations to perform risk assessments that take into account industry specifics and latest trends in cyber threats. We discuss establishing a policy framework for IT governance that provides your organisation with information about how to effectively manage risk.

Once an assessment and governance framework have been established, the necessary threat protection measures are composed. Comunet have experience in technologies relating to access control, data security and information protection, which can be deployed to ensure safeguards are created. For example:

  • Access Control – Ensuring access to company assets and facilities is limited to authorised users
  • Training – Comunet provides cybersecurity awareness education for your team members
  • Data Security – Our team can ensure your company’s records and information are managed so that confidentiality, integrity and availability are protected
  • Protective Technology – Utilising industry-leading technology to simplify the security solution while offering top-level protection and threat intelligence.
Comunet’s Managed Services team specialise in the ongoing monitoring of clients’ systems and can advise in the event of anomalies that may arise. Our partnerships are with some of the leading security providers ensuring that the necessary detection systems are in place to provide swift notifications on any threats.
The Comunet team can help your organisation develop an incident response plan which details the steps that will be taken in the event of a data breach. In the event that such a breach occurs, Comunet provides immediate response; communicating with the affected organisation, analysing the situation and instigating mitigation plans.
Once a breach has been contained, Comunet can work with you to implement disaster recovery and backup procedures to restore your systems to their previous state. Post-incident, our team can work with you to conduct a fault and root cause analysis to ensure that the incident is not repeated.



If your organisation is using Microsoft's Office 365 platform, Comunet's partnership with MailGuard can help you to secure your email inboxes. Download our MailGuard/Office 365 information sheet here to find out more.