SharePoint Portals and Collaboration Tools

The introduction of cloud based services such as Office 365 has provided cost effective mechanisms for business to increase their productivity, communication and introduce seamless collaboration tools to the enterprise. With years of experience with SharePoint, and more recently Microsoft Teams - we bring simple, elegant approaches to site design, business unit page structures, document management and communication / collaboration tools to clients from small not-for-profits, through to large enterprise businesses. 

Using a platform-first mindset to reduce cost and complexity - we aim to deliver low-code, low-complexity solutions on SharePoint and Teams, enhancing these with our custom software development team if needed to meet specific outcomes that are not met by configuration of out-of-the-box settings.
Microsoft Teams 

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Cloud strategy, business case development and presentation
We work with clients to validate their business requirements and strategic imperatives, with a view to deliver the most cost-efficient and effective solution to meet their needs. We can assist with the formulation and delivery of business case and strategy documents required for internal alignment and sign off.
Public, private or hybrid architecture design
Our skilled team of engineers help clients plan, design, build, deploy, manage and support a range of cloud strategies across private, public and hybrid infrastructures.
Building and/or deployment of solutions and applications
We can build and/or migrate solutions and applications that are best positioned to take advantage of the cloud. We have an in-house development team that specialise in application development including web and mobile applications, database systems, portals and collaboration software and website development.
Managed services, with the ability to integrate new and existing systems
We can integrate hosted solutions with existing systems and establish effective process and infrastructure management to ensure the most effective solution is delivered.
Advanced disaster recovery options
Thanks to our recent partnership with Zerto, we can now offer all organisations access to an excellent DR solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.
Internal governance and staff training
We assist clients in ensuring sufficient governance is in place to review plans and initiatives against established industry benchmark criteria. We also work closely with clients regarding knowledge transfer to enable staff to gain the best from their new environment.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure provide cloud computing services that are the global benchmark. In partnership with both services, Comunet are able to provide excellent cloud solutions at great prices. Below are some of the features that make AWS and Azure stand out.

AWS and Azure enables organisations to use the programming models, operating systems and databases that they are already familiar with. This is great for businesses with wide cloud requirements.
Both AWS and Azure allow organisations to only pay for what they use. This is a great way to access the benefits of cloud computing without adversely affecting your bottom line.
AWS and Azure allow you to scale your services up or down to meet the demands of your customers and/or manage costs.
By providing services in accordance with the best security practices, you can be assured that your data is well-protected through AWS and Azure.
Being backed by Amazon and Microsoft respectively, AWS and Azure are built on solid foundations. The experience of these two companies is leveraged in the delivery of their outstanding cloud services.