Whether you need to upgrade ageing equipment, enhance your virtual environment or deploy new systems across multiple sites, Comunet has the experience and technical skills to deliver appropriate and cost-effective solutions.


Ensure your IT infrastructure is the most effective and cost efficient solution for your needs.

  • Infrastructure Refresh

    Comunet can assist if you are considering upgrading your existing infrastructure (Servers, Storage, Converged Infrastructure, Rack, Switches and Routers) and deploying new equipment to take advantage of;

    • System enhancements and improve operational efficiencies
    • A new generation of apps and business tools to give competitive advantage
    • Reduced operating costs and improve reliability

    Security and Communications Integrity

    • Enabling users to work within a secure environment and protecting the integrity of data, systems and IT hardware is of vital importance to any business
    • Protect against the increased presence and demands for BYOD and the recognition of a growing hazard coming from social networks, cloud storage and tele-working
    • We work with our customers to implement security systems to help monitor, expose and remove threats before they impact on business operations

  • Disaster Recovery

    An essential element for a business continuity plan is the protection and restoration of IT systems. Organisations build in safeguards to ensure data is protected, applications remain virus free and hardware is maintained effectively. When the unexpected happens resolution needs to be quick and effective.

    Front Office

    • Covering; Desktop, Tablet, VDI, BYOD and the Smartphone
    • Providing the flexibility around where people work and ensuring suitable equipment is a core requirement within todays working environments
    • To implement policies that offer greater flexibility and choice, while addressing the impact on the end-user experience and security have become major obstacles in the roll-out of teleworking, collaboration, cloud, mobility and BYOD projects


  • Infrastructure Refresh

    Through one of Comunet’s dedicated Account Managers, our customers are guided through the following refresh procedure:

  • Security and Communications Integrity

    Working alongside the leaders in the security industry, Comunet can help you with:

  • Disaster Recovery

    If you are looking to review your disaster recovery and business continuity needs, we offer the following practical services:

  • Front Office

    Our engineers and procurement teams provide hands-on expertise across a range of projects including:

  • Concept
    • Identification of your business needs to build an effective technology roadmap
  • Design
    • Fully-costed options allowing you to make an informed decision
  • Purchasing
    • Gain a strong price advantage through our commitment to vendor relations
  • Implementation
    • Hands-on technical assistance to build a new environment with minimum disruption
  • Migration
    • Upfront planning to ensure systems can be accessed quickly and efficiently
  • Testing
    • Measurable steps are taken to ensure we deliver on our commitment to best practices
  • Knowledge Transfer
    • Bring key personnel up-to-speed with the features of the new environment
  • Ongoing Support
    • Dedicated monitoring facility to ensure systems are kept running at their optimum level
  • End-point Security Assessment
    • Review and align security systems on user devices
  • Vulnerability Appraisal and Testing
    • Identify potential areas of susceptibility across your network
  • Firewall Audit
    • Suggest best practice methodology across your network
  • Penetration Testing
    • Test existing security against a planned malicious attack
  • IT Security Procedure and Policy Review
    • Minimising impact in the event of an attack
  • Audit
    • A detailed survey and report outlining potential risks to IT continuity
  • On-premise
    • Ensuring secure back-up and replication is procedurised and tested
  • Off-premise
    • Facilitate disaster recovery services within a securely-managed datacentre
  • Monitor
    • Constantly review and report performance to ensure suitability
  • Remote Access
    • In the event of a disaster, set up facilities to access systems
  • Rebuild
    • Resolve issues and rebuild systems in a secure environment
  • Testing
    • Conduct regular planned outages to establish ongoing continuity

  • Communications
    • VoIP, UC, Collaboration, Telco, Video
  • Networking
    • Fixed or wireless
  • Procurement, Imaging, Installation and Disposal
    • Desktops, Laptops, Monitors, Terminals & Tablets
  • Virtualisation (VDI) Roll-out
    • Desktop and server
    • Provision of fully-costed projects from 10 to 1,000 users
  • Windows™ Licencing
    • Auditing, compliance, reports, renewals, co-terming and migration
  • Bid Pricing
    • Lenovo, HP and Dell – access to the best vendor prices
  • BYOD
    • Bring Your Own Device
  • Integration & Collaboration
    • Across desktop, mobile and tablet (e.g. Lync and Office)
  • Remote working set-up
    • Establish user access via Cloud, Terminal Services and Citrix