ALEXEI FEY - Chief Executive Officer

Alexei has been leading business-focussed technology teams for over 10 years, and is passionate about driving business outcomes from technology. Having held roles across Product Management & Distribution as well as Technology, he brings strong broad organisational knowledge and expertise with a key ability to define, plan and deliver on objectives across multiple disciplines. A driven tech-evangelist, Alexei has been an active presenter across many forums both locally and across Australia helping clients and partners understand the value that can be gleaned from technology. Passionate about building local economies, his aim is to continue building mutual success for both Clients and Comunet through a collaborative, people-led approach.



PAUL LEWIN - Head of Consulting 

A founding Director of Comunet, Paul has over 30 years experience hands on experience in the IT industry. Initially developing his career working in the retail and professional services sectors (Woolworths, KPMG and Galaxy TV) Paul pursued his passion for embedding IT as a key component of client strategic success and competitive advantage by co-founding Comunet in 1995. Paul is a member of the Comunet Leadership Team and as Head of Consulting, works hands-on within the business, which is his greatest enjoyment. In addition to his unwavering passion for clients and a bespoke solution approach, Paul also has a strong passion for the Comunet team with whom he takes an active mentoring role.


KARIN HOLLANDS - Software Development Manager

Karin has been with Comunet since 2005 and in that time been instrumental in the software development, analyst and product lead roles for various products and projects within Comunet and sister company Avinet. As the Software Development Manager, her focus is on guiding the team through the ever changing technology cycles to provide customers with quality development solutions to target their business requirements. Karin has extensive experience in fields such as project management, Microsoft SQL Server and cloud computing. She also has a personal interest in advocating a greater involvement of women in IT and debunking the myths of programming being a, wholly, nerdy pursuit.



KASUN SAMARAKOON - Senior Technical Consultant

For over 10 years, Kasun has worked in partnership with Comunet’s clients to deliver best practice solutions. Kasun started at Comunet as a Systems Engineer, before becoming one of our Senior Technical Consultants in 2017. Kasun’s experience and knowledge in technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Citrix and Cisco systems reinforces Comunet’s ability to deliver across various sectors and client requirements ultimately fortifying Comunet’s position as a trusted advisor.