Optimising your IT systems

  • Maximise your IT investment

    Proactively managing your IT systems to ensure performance is optimised and their full potential is realised.

    Protect against system downtime

    Taking care of simple housekeeping such as scheduled updates and system enhancements to ensure your system’s security and consistent performance.

    Provide required focus to IT support

    Comunet can take care of IT support, allowing your technical team to focus on day-to-day priorities.

  • Complement internal resources

    Outsourcing the management and maintenance of your business systems to our service providers allows you to solve key resourcing issues at a fraction of the cost.

    Less hassle for business managers

    Our clients confidently outsource the management of their business systems to a team of dedicated engineers and service desk staff, giving them the convenience to focus on other key areas of their business.

    Industry-leading capability at a fixed monthly cost

    Our managed IT service incorporates leading enterprise-wide remote support with proactive management. All of this is available at a fixed monthly cost.


Audits & Security

  • Automated Discovery Tool
  • Non-Disruptive
  • Cost Effective
  • Simple Audit
  • Comprehensive Audit
  • System Assessment
  • Backup and disaster recovery

Local Service Desk

  • Coordinated support across total environment
  • On-site familiarisation visits
  • Systems monitored and maintained cost-effectively

Monitoring & Alerts

  • Identification
  • Networking and remote monitoring
  • Sensor deployment
  • 24/7 monitoring against established benchmarks
  • Automated ticketing against triggered alerts
  • Assessment against agreed criteria and procedures
  • Action addressed quickly and remotely where possible
  • Eliminate costly upheaval or expensive outages


Proactive Support

  • Regular housekeeping duties with minimal impact
  • Optimal system performance


  • Temporary support options to cover sickness, holidays or long service/maternity leave
  • Appropriate monitoring and support facilities tailored to the cover you require
  • Hosting services
  • Software for IT services (RMM, ITSM)




Determine Requirements

Send us an email or gives us a call and one of our engineers will learn about your specific requirements.


Understand your environment

An audit of your environment will be completed to assess the health of your equipment and systems.


Agree the plan

We will work with you to develop a managed services plan based on the results of the audit, within the context of your business objectives and priorities.


Optimise performance

We implement the agreed-upon plan and proactively monitor your systems based on the established benchmarks. This ensures your IT systems are maximised.