'Mobile Doctor' is a Windows 8.1 'modern' app for deputised doctors (or Locum Doctors) for use on-the-road.

Mobile Doctor

The application works with backend medical call centre systems to provide mobile users;

• The ability to see and map their Assigned Patient Call list
• Re-sort calls based on their locality to manage the users call route
• View/Action the Call and see complete patient history
• Enter patient notes securely
• View/send Messages to and from Call Centre
• Records billing information into system at time of visit
• Raise a panic alarm (should an incident occur when visiting a patient where the users safety is deemed at risk).



The application works with any device running Windows 8.1 (PC, Laptop, etc.), although it is predominantly designed for Windows 8.1 Tablets for mobility (Windows 8.1 RT or Windows 8.1 Pro).

This application utilises devices' built-in GPS (for determining users' location relative to Calls) and Notifications (to alert users of new messages from the Call Centre).

Mobile Doctor uses a standard secure Web API (hosted within your IT Environment) to communicate with your Medical Call Centre System.

If you manage a medical call service provider and have a Medical Call Centre System that is not currently supported by Mobile Doctor please contact us.

Mobile Doctor uses a standard secure Web API which, with development, can be extended to support your systems database back-end.

To find out more please contact Comunet on:

Phone: +61 8 8100 1111

8:30am - 5:00pm Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)


Alternatively you can contact us.

For more information about the app click here