Cloud Hosting with Fusetec's Advanced Surgical Training Clinic

Migration of on-premise IT environment to Amazon Web Services

Fusetec is an Australian advanced manufacturing business that has developed world leading technology to reproduce anatomically accurate, fully operable Medical Training Devices, with pathologies. AnglicareSA supports people to change their lives for the better.

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The Challenge

In December 2021, Fusetec launched a world first Advanced Surgical Training Clinic in Adelaide, filled with operating tables for residents and surgeons to rehearse, and available for medical companies to demonstrate tools and even develop new surgical procedures.

The Solution

With the setup of this world first clinic, Fusetec wanted to ensure that their new IT environment was also world-class – being able to securely host their clinical application and modelling tools, provide high-speed reliable access to residents and surgeons and to clearly separate this from their R&D environments. 

Comunet were engaged to design and deliver their new environment on AWS to meet their needs. The environment was architected using a combination of the following workloads EC2, Cloudtrail, S3 and Guard Duty. The environment was built to be highly available from both head office and the Clinic office and connected via VPN to allow secure traffic between the training clinic and hosted applications. This also allows access the data and core applications from either office increasing flexibility of working arrangements. Cloud backups were setup to run and stored securely off site in S3 to prevent disaster recovery scenario. CloudTrail and Guard Duty were setup to monitor the network, log any potential issues, and send notifications, so they are actioned.

Results and Benefits

The benefits of this solution design provided clear Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity measures through (secure cloud backups, multi-AZ design etc) and provides the ability to scale up, or down, environments as needed in the future.

“Comunet were pragmatic, efficient and understood exactly what we where trying to achieve and executed it perfectly” - John Budgen, Vice President, Fusetec