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A Custom Progressive Web App

Lobethal Bakery

The Lobethal Bakery is a South Australian institution with over 6 locations, a rich history and sought after treats. Starting many years ago in Germany, the Lobethal Bakery has evolved into a family operated business where even the youngest members of the clan get to help out.

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The Challenge

Lobethal Bakeries operate several sites with all the orders centrally managed. Each bakery needs to call and notify the central store how much stock they have left at the end of the day so that Bakers could keep track of sales, to produce more stock if it sold out too soon, cut back on wastage by producing less stock the next day, whilst keeping track of orders. Lobethal Bakeries needed a system that would let them track stock across various stages of proving and baking – a multi-day process for some tasty treats!

The Solution

Comunet created a Progressive Web Application (PWA) that would allow Lobethal Bakeries personnel to login to the same site no matter which store they were at to enter the stock counts directly into the system. The system would then calculate how much of each product line would need to be produced to bring stock levels up, minimise waste and have an overview of product sale success. The new system also allowed Lobethal to plan and forecast when their bakeries might see more customers such as warm, sunny public holidays.

The PWA was created using AWS serverless architecture. A static website on S3 is served using a CloudFront distribution; users authenticate using the AWS Cognito service; API gateway pairs with Lambda to handle incoming requests and serve data from the Aurora MySQL database. The utilization of Aurora MySQL enables Lobethal Bakeries to enjoy the peace of mind of regular recovery snapshots and high availability and performance, with the low running costs of the cloud.

Comunet were engaged to design and deliver their new environment on AWS to meet their needs. The environment was architected using a combination of the following workloads EC2, Cloudtrail, S3 and Guard Duty. The environment was built to be highly available from both head office and the Clinic office and connected via VPN to allow secure traffic between the training clinic and hosted applications. This also allows access the data and core applications from either office increasing flexibility of working arrangements. Cloud backups were setup to run and stored securely off site in S3 to prevent disaster recovery scenario. CloudTrail and Guard Duty were setup to monitor the network, log any potential issues, and send notifications, so they are actioned.


Results and Benefits

The solution has allowed Lobethal Bakeries to minimise wastage in over supply to their outlets and utilise their historical data to forecast customer demand to their advantage. It has enabled them to decommission the on-premise server saving resources and mitigating risk.