Data lakes are a centralised, secure, and cost-effective way to store data in any format.

Data Lakes

Store your data in centralised, curated, and secured architecture. Once data is ready for the cloud, we make it easy to store data in any format and provide consistent security for multiple analytics, at massive scale. For efficient and reliable access to your data, take advantage of analytics and machine learning solutions built specifically for data lakes. The backup and archive solutions mean you can keep costs down even when doing heavy data lifting.

The Benefits

For smart and reliable access to your most relevant data, take advantage of the solutions built specifically for data lakes.

Break Out of Your Data Silos

Break Out of Your Data Silos

Get custom software developed especially for your needs. From full scale enterprise applications through to iOS and Android Apps, we build solutions that can integrate seamlessly with your existing applications.
Security and Peace of Mind

Security and Peace of Mind

Enjoy rigorous security and governance when your data is safely stored in a data lake.
Eliminate Costly Processes

Eliminate Costly Processes

Save time and resources through the efficient management of diverse data and broad array of scalable services.

Get richer insights across your all your data

Store your structured and unstructured data in a centralised repository
Analyse your data as-is, using big data processing and analytics capabilities
Apply AI and machine learning to all your data for richer insights.

Creating Efficiencies With Data Lakes at UniSA

We partnered with the Centre of Change and Complexity in Learning at UniSA. C3L needed to becoming more efficient in their research process and produce research outputs more rapidly and effectively. Comunet and UniSA worked collaboratively to implement a managed data lake on AWS to allow C3L to spend more time on data analysis and less time on storing and collecting and preparing data.