Application Development for Businesses with Complex Situations

What is Custom Application Development and when is it a viable option?

April 27, 2023

An application in IT solutions can be defined as a program designed to perform a specific set of tasks for an organisation or a single user. Software applications perform a vast range of functions from business operations, processing, and communication. The most common applications are commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products like Microsoft Office, Canva, or Dropbox. COTS solutions are best for standardised practices but for complex businesses and situations, they can often miss the mark.

Custom application development, however, is the process of designing and building a software application that is tailored to the specific requirements of a particular business or organisation. This process involves analysing existing workflows and processes, then either developing new software solutions, or modifying/configuring existing ones to meet a business’s specific requirements.

Examples of custom application development solutions can include operational portals, point solutions for field workers, workflow and collaboration, software integration, data lakes and/or data architecture, business intelligence, and real-time reporting.

The benefits of custom software solutions include:

  • Tailored solutions which are specific to the unique challenges and requirements of individual businesses, and which solve complex issues that are not addressed by COTS software.
  • Improved efficiency by streamlining processes and automating tasks which reduces costs, saves time, and increases productivity.
  • Better data management by managing large volumes of data and providing real-time insights that can be used to inform decision making, particularly in complex situations where data management can be challenging.
  • Enhanced security with software which has been designed to meet specific security, compliance, and legislative requirements, ensuring sensitive data is protected and regulatory standards are met. Which is particularly important in highly regulated industries such as pharmaceutical, medical, and healthcare.
  • Improved user experience with a solution which has been designed with the user in mind, customised solutions are more intuitive and easier to use which assists in increasing user adoption and reducing training time requirements.
  • Designed to support the organisation’s workforce and how they operate by designing an application to run on computer, mobile or tablet, or other electronic devices such as scanners or wearable tech.

Additionally, custom software application development can integrate multiple systems for a cohesive and streamlined software solution, which:

  • Improves efficiency by reducing manual input required by automating data transfer and minimising data duplication.
  • Enhances data management as integration provides a single source of truth for important information.
  • Offers greater functionality by leveraging and integrating the functionality of different apps to create a more powerful and comprehensive software solution.
  • Improves decision making by providing real-time data and insights from multiple sources within a single interface, enabling better decision making and faster response times.

At Comunet, we pride ourselves on solving complex business issues others cannot with custom application development. No matter the scale or complexity of the business situation, we provide tailored solutions for all industries and sectors including, local government, NDIS providers, agriculture, pharmaceutical and medical, mining, and construction.

While the design and functionality of a custom application will vary depending upon its intended purpose, target audience, and many other factors, the objective always remains the same; to provide a business or user with a specific set of functions or services which guarantee best practice and meet business objectives.

If your business requires solutions for complex situations, contact us to learn more about custom application development.