Comunet Case Study: Expense Reimbursement System for Accounts Teams

Simple workflows to make reimbursement easier and faster!

September 07, 2023
Simple mobile or desktop interface


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The Challenge

For organisations and businesses whose accounts teams still handle petty cash and use manual reimbursement processes. having effective systems in place is critical to reducing operational inefficiencies, resulting in positive budgetary outcomes.

Manual processes can lead to a lack of document security, difficulty in tracking documents, time management inefficiencies, and a decline in professionalism when managers are required to manually provide signatures and stapled receipts for approval.

Recognising this flaw within their own accounts department, Comunet designed and developed a system that manages the Expense Reimbursement System using Microsoft Teams to host the request, approval, and notification workflows.


The Solution

Comunet has designed and developed its own Expense Reimbursement System using Teams, SharePoint, Plumsail Forms and Power Automate to digitise the expense reimbursement process from start to finish.

The primary objective was to remove the need for Comunet’s Accounts Team to have to manually process and track petty cash and employee reimbursements.

The development of the Expense Reimbursement System has enabled Comunet employees to request reimbursement through Microsoft Teams by submitting a form that has the relevant receipts attached.

Upon submission of a request, the workflow directs the request to the appropriate manager for approval, before passing the approval onto the Accounts Team to schedule EFT payment directly to the employee, with payment arriving in their bank account within a week.

Additionally, Comunet employees are regularly updated of the status of their request throughout the workflow process via Teams messages.


Results and Benefits

The Expense Reimbursement System has brought about efficiency to the process of employee reimbursements for Comunet, leading to improved productivity, better visibility of expenses, elimination of paperwork and removal of the need to keep petty cash altogether!

With the workflow process proving a success for Comunet, we are excited to offer the design and development of Expense Reimbursement Systems to other organisations and businesses who want to improve Accounts Team efficiency, increase operational effectiveness, and reduce overhead costs.


To learn more about how Comunet can assist your business or organisation with the design and development of an Expense Reimbursement System, please contact us.