Resources and Industrial

Learn how Comunet helped manufacturer Gliderol Garage Doors transition to the cloud:

Comunet has partnered with clients in the fields of manufacturing and horticulture, to improve workflow and improve operational efficiencies. The impact of such improvements not only improve the financial outcomes but importantly can have a positive influence right through an organisation's service/product delivery outcomes, from employee engagement to customer experience. Our expertise in these areas include the following:

Cloud Computing Services

Making the transition to the cloud can reduce an organisation's overall IT costs and provide more flexibility in operations. With the cloud's "pay for what you use" pricing models, organisations can increase or decrease their cloud usage to reflect changes in product demand and manage costs more effectively. Comunet can help you use the cloud as a secure platform for backups and disaster recovery contingencies.

Customised Software Development

Our Software Development team have field experience in developing tailored solutions for various clients in the resources and manufacturing industries. This includes the creation of new software systems to underpin more efficient operations. Amongst other capabilities, we have field experience in the development of solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT) space; enabling the creation of connected devices for home and commercial use.

Enterprise Mobility Management

We have found that rugged devices such as tablets and smartphones enable employees in the industrial sector to perform their work more effectively. If your organisation has considered the deployment of rugged devices in your workplaces, or already has a program in place, Comunet can create an enterprise mobility management platform to help you monitor and control the devices that your employees use.