The Future of the Internal IT Department?

Apr 19 2016
After 15 years working for some of the largest food & beverage companies globally; Mars Incorporated, Orora Group and Carlton & United Breweries, in 2013 I entered the world of technology full time. Previously I had been the frustrated IT client, a department within business that started with such promise...

What Are the Benefits of EFBs?

Mar 07 2016
Many businesses across various industries have realised the gains that come from the introduction of an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) program. By ensuring their employees are equipped with mobile devices, teams are now more connected than ever before. EMM programs in the aviation industry are no different.

EFB vs the “True EFB”

Mar 07 2016
There is an important reason why we decided to write this article. In our discussions with various aircraft operators both large and small, we have found that several people we have spoken to believe that all you need for a successful EFB program are some tablet computers with key apps installed for the pilots. However, there is more involved. This is not being said to discredit the role of tablet computers and aviation apps, which are obviously key to a successful end-user experience. Admittedly cliché, it is important to emphasise that tablets and apps really are the tip of the EFB iceberg.   

What is the "True Cloud"?

Feb 05 2016
An interesting analogy I heard recently via Marc Soester, Managing Director at IPMO,  compared the Cloud to a modern day power station. When Thomas Edison established the first public power station in 1882, it enabled the enterprise corporations and the 'well to do' to gain greater access to electricity. The power industry rapidly developed until electricity was more widely available from the 1920s onwards,  business could now more effectively consume a mass produced resource rather than having the cost and complexity of generating themselves. Today, this concept is accepted as the normal standard in the generation and distribution of power, a company still investing in its own power generation is a very rare and specialised situation.