The Value of Data

Businesses’ love affair with data sits on an ever-changing pendulum – it seems to go hot, then cold, then back again with every change in technology and the next best offering.

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Building innovation culture

Comunet are now 3 years into establishing our innovation program and have just completed our 2nd all-of-staff innovation hackathon “One Team Challenge”. On the journey there have been hits and misses, but overwhelmingly positive outcomes that are now being realised across the business. Here are 6 lessons learnt from our experiences in building a stronger innovation culture.

Getting out of the swamp: Accelerated Data Lake on AWS

Storing data in a lake versus a traditional database is a pretty easy transition to make, but what is often forgotten is that similar to a traditional database, there are good (or Best) practices, and some very bad practices that can quickly come back to haunt you.